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Marketing experience

More than 20 years international marketing experience

Adopt data driven strategies

We use data in a marketing relevant way

Generate more brand impact

And make a lasting impression

Inform better on your offer

By offering valuable content with clear messaging

Sell more

By leading the right audience to your store


With multiple decades of marketing experience at advertiser and agency side, we have learned one thing: the best results are achieved by fusing forces. As a consequence, this is exactly what we do at Magis. We fuse marketing experience with digital data to make the difference. We have an eye for that digital insight that others didn’t capture, leading to strategic elements that were not there before, with outcoming plans that will make you transcend your KPIs like never before. As such, we generate more brand impact, inform better on your offer and sell more.

Performance is part of our DNA

Every marketer has a trigger. The moment we get a thrill.
For some of us, it is the moment that a new campaign goes live.
For others, it is that joint brainstorm session that generated a great idea.
For us, it is when we see results going up. When game changing insights are translated
into a winning strategy, brought to life via quality in content execution.
That is part of our DNA.

We don’t stop until the line goes up, and even then we keep going.


Procter & Gamble


Pernod Ricard






Strategy in action

We think with you and we do it for you.

Digital strategy & insights

  • Search insights
  • Social insights
  • Current sales drivers

Content Definition

  • Brand strategy
  • Consumer insights
  • Content sweet spot

Perfect web as landing

  • Web page structure
  • Structured data
  • Copy & creative

Spread the content

  • Content journey
  • Role of channels
  • Creation & curation
  • Publishing

Track & optimize

  • KPI tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Optimization
  • Steering routines

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